New MOS 2013 Exams, Courseware and Practice Resources Available

Posted 22.May.2015

The full suite of MOS 2013 certification exams, curriculum resources, instructor support material and GMetrix practice tests are now available via the MOST portal to subscribed members.

Office 2013 is the latest version of Office to have been released by Microsoft. Functionality via the ribbon bar has been kept and the new version includes easier cross device use via the updated Office 365 cloud platform.

Although the seasoned Office professionals might not see many differences, some key changes have occurred in the exam and practice test format. Certiport and Microsoft have switched the exam style from 30-40 random task based questions, to one single continuous document within which you complete a number of skills based tasks.

Typically the exam would begin with a basic template or blank document and on completion of all activities the candidate will have created a high standard, business document. This change means that candidates are not only expected to understand the required skills but now also show application of the skills with a tangible outcome. Training Managers, recruiters and academics who have taken MOS 2013 are impressed with the latest change and particularly how the new exam reflects the working World.

The change of exam format has also led Certiport and GMetrix to release new version of their software in order to deal with the changes. If you are an existing MOST centre and would like support on setting up MOS 2013 then please contact Andrew Griggs at Prodigy Learning. Existing centres have access to the resources now. New and prospective MOST centres can also contact Andrew for more information.

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