The NHS MOST Programme was created to support NHS organisations who want to offer official Microsoft Office Skills Training and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification to NHS Staff and NHS Contractors.

Next Steps
How do we become an NHS MOST Centre?

Step 1
Register your interest by e-mailing

Step 2
We will reply with an information pack on the NHS MOST Programme.

Step 3
Confirm your organisation would like to join the NHS MOST Programme.

Step 4
Your NHS organisation will be registered as an NHS MOST Testing Centre.

Step 5
We will arrange an induction and setup session with you.

Step 6
Welcome to the MOST Programme!

How can you deliver NHS MOST

It’s up to you!
The NHS MOST Programme has been designed to be as flexible as possible for you and your organisation, whether you are a sole trainer or part of a bigger team. The content allows you to deliver courses in a variety of ways whether it is classroom based, self paced or a combination. Visit the success stories page to find out how other NHS organisation are delivering their courses.

If you have any questions on this process please view the FAQs or contact us.